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Miyazaki Movies Have Ruined Men For Me


I’ve found that the boys in Miyazaki movies have set my standards ridiculously high, because they’re all amazing in their very own special way. 

Tombo is sweet in that he’s so vocal about his affection for Kiki. He chases her without fail until he gets her. He’s forgiving of her scorn, quick to turn the other cheek and treats her with respect. He invites her out, sticks around until it’s well-understood she’s not coming, and still comes calling for her the next day to find out what happened. But most of all, he’s openly infatuated with her in front of his judgmental friends, having his own opinions that transcend the need for affirmation by his petty clique. 

Howl has immense physical beauty in a tall, lean figure, broad shoulders and bright eyes. Also physically, he’s very chic and very self-aware about being clean and well-groomed. Howl is also a bonafide gentlemen, charming, chivalrous, and polite. His speech style is to-the-point, always faintly punctuated with a downward inflection, contributing to the slightly mysterious sense of ease about him that is so desirable.

Haku’s value stems from the virtues he’s learned as a martyr, namely discipline, respect, and honor. His understanding of his own suffering led to his intense sympathy for Chihiro, and despite Yubaba’s deeply ingrained malicious sentiments he stays true to a virtuous nature, though notably misunderstood. He’s industrious, obviously quick-witted, protective, takes his failures in stride and his sucesses with modesty. His love for Chihiro too is in modesty, shown to be present and growing and very real, but not overwhelming or overdone, kept largely within him waiting for the correct time to shown.

I like Pazu for his immediate and never-ending dedication to the one he loves. He takes Sheeta in, stays with her, chases her when she’s kidnapped. He’s passionate about the good-guys winning, and has a confident sense of right and wrong, whether it’s recognizing heroes in airship pirates or that nature should always triumph over corrupted human industry. His physical displays of affection are adorable, and his simple sense of justice and understanding as well as his subtle sense of humor are quite pleasing.

Sousuke, though young, also shows a lot of the same good traits that have been mentioned here. His understanding and acceptance definitely go beyond his years. He comes upon a situation in which he has to act older than he is and take the place of an adult figure with regards to keeping Ponyo safe, and he absolutely rises to the occasion. In his home life, he seems to cope really well with having a father at sea, understanding his absence and appreciating his paternal figure nonetheless, and respecting the efforts of his mother in a one-parent household.

I know I missed a bunch of movies, but I just wanted to talk about how amazing and cool all the Ghibli guys are. 


I just love me some fan-made posters. :)